Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Material Tool

I'm working on a image to material type of tool that fits somewhere between Crazybump and Bitmap2Material.  Giving you more control and options than Crazybump but probably not as robust as B2M.

So far I have...
Height from diffuse.
Normal from height with light direction from diffuse.
Ambient occlusion from height and normal.
Edge/height from normal.
Some options to high pass the diffuse and remove highlights and super dark shadows.
Spec and Roughness creation using the same features as the diffuse options.
A mostly physically based preview.
Seamless tiling of maps using height map bias.  I'll look into splat map tiling too.

The 2 aforementioned products probably already have most of the market share so this will probably be a free tool.  Its made in unity so the import options are limited but I did manage to get tga import working.  So far the it imports jpg, png, tga with the help of a nice library I found, and bmp.  I haven't looked too much into exporting but png and jpg work for sure and I will try to get tga and bmp working.

I also added a nice post process with some kind of inverse kawase depth of field blur which I might make a post about since it works pretty durn good and I haven't seen any articles illustrating the exact technique I used.

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